How to spend time with children at home on corona days?

Especially, our children, who see us as more anxious than normal, experience anxiety intensely from us and feel vulnerable. The first thing we need to do is not to focus too much on news and social media. The agenda should be followed, of course, but getting stuck on the agenda and feeling constantly looking at the latest situation can increase our anxiety and panic.

You should definitely explain this to the child in accordance with his age and level of development. When explaining, you should use a calm tone. You should continue your speech by giving confidence with your body language, gestures and facial expressions. It is important not only in relationships with children, but also in relationships with adults, how it is said rather than what is said. Children are very good observers and can immediately understand the anxiety in the parents. Listen to your child in the first place. Find out their concerns and misunderstandings on this matter. Try to fix them.

If you have a child under the age of 6, use clear and explicit statements when explaining the corona virus to your child. "This virus is small microbes that cause us to cough and sneeze." A statement such as allows your child to clearly understand the concept of virus. If your child's anxiety is very high; “Yes, there is such a virus, but nothing will happen to you and us. Only some people can get sick because of this. ” This statement will reduce anxiety in your child. During this period, you can teach your child the rules of hygiene. You can talk about the importance of hand washing and even use experiments to make this situation concrete for your children under 6 years of age. ”

Noting that there will be information pollution in the environment during this period,  warned them to try to convey the correct information to the child. During this period, children may not be able to make sense of why their school is closed and therefore their anxiety may increase even more.

Schools are closed because schools are a holiday to protect you from this germ, just as you do not go to school so that you do not infect your friends when you are sick. But don't worry, I'm a follower of this topic. The school will of course open. I will let you know when the school will open. If you have a friend you miss, you can video chat with them if you want. ” You can give feedback and relax your child. In these days when we have social isolation, we should spend quality and productive time at home for the psychological health of both ourselves and our children. In this respect; You can do many activities such as learning a foreign language, drama, art activities, studying, if possible, activities such as pilates / yoga for 15-20 minutes a day, or box games, taboo, angry brothers, bingo, etc. You can strengthen the communication between you and the events and you can have a quality and fun time. ”